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The Firstgrain Rice Market Strategist Newsletter

At Firstgrain, we advise on the coming impact of global uncertainties on the price. We connect with our clients in a number of ways. One is our weekly newsletter. It looks at what is currently relevant to us in the US.
The front of our newsletter covers our market metrics, what each means to us now.

We start out each week with an appraisal of key market factors and whether we weight them as bullish, bearish, or neutral to the long grain rough rice price in the US. Currently we have 15 factors we are watching:

There is an executive summary and sections on relevant happenings in the US and global market. We tell our story in words, charts, and graphs. The back end of our newsletter covers price charts of seasonal trends in the rice price basis by region, North Arkansas, Mississippi River, New Orleans, and the lower Gulf Coast, SWLA and Texas. We also cover trends in the Americas and Asia, the two major regions from which rice exports come. The Americas are the major driver of our US price at the Gulf by rough rice barge or milled on a ship. Some of our charts are adjusted for seasonal tendencies. We also watch the balance sheet for US long grain rough rice, the market that is traded on the CMEGroup rough rice futures contract.
Related markets are watched as are other grains and economic variables. In the last year we have watched and reported on the impacts of rising stocks and production against the rising energy prices on cost of producing rice in different regions of the world.