Global Rice Market

Around the world, several exchange and marketing services provide rice prices and trade data on a weekly or daily basis. Here is a partial list. Through these links you can get up-to-date prices on China, Japan, Thailand and Brazil and other markets that are smaller in size and reach. There are markets that are cash only; others are futures only and some enjoy decent trade volume. The US is a medium size exporter but has the most active rice futures contract in the world, administered by the CMEGroup in Chicago and London. In addition to prices quoted, we watch prices of milled and rough rice through Platts Assessment through its rice service,



Watch the seasonal tendencies, the basis and the larger trends in the market, Americas, and Asia. That is what Firstgrain does: it informs its readers not just what is going on but what is likely to transpire in the future based on seasonal tendencies and the big trends in the market.


At Firstgrain, we give a narrative of the market each week. In addition, we watch various markets and their trends. You could say that all the global influences we watch key off of the vantage point of the regional rough rice markets in the Southern US.