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At Firstgrain, we put the rice market first, hence the name of our service. The name comes from a saying in China, where rice was first most likely cultivated: “More precious than pearls and jade are the five grains, of which rice is first.” We publish a weekly newsletter, The Firstgrain Rice Market Strategist, The emphasis is strategy or plan. Our clients are in the rice market all year long and must manage the price risk of global rice markets and their influence on all regional markets to include the US. We help our clients plan their buying and selling strategies, through alerts during the week and phone or text follow up when needed. These alerts supplement our weekly letters.

Our reports cover all US rice markets and put them in a global context.

Our Story

Firstgrain is a strategic planner that is on your side. What is strategic thinking planning you ask? It is a Chinese saying that sums up our view of strategy: “Those who do not pay attention to the far away will have trouble in the nearby.” Strategy, as we define it, is a careful  plan or method for achieving a particular goal over an extended period of time, such as timing sales for and annually produced rice crop.

If your goal is to learn about the market along the way, the Firstgrain is your ally. The market is continually changing now more than ever. Survival today is adapting to the best modern technology and improving your selling strategy over time and every year.


Firstgrain’s weekly newsletters, alerts and special reports are designed to keep rice market participants on the forefront of the industry so they can plan, hedge, speculate with more confidence and precision.

Firstgrain is your go-to source for rice information. You can expect to find fundamental and technical analysis along with historical and seasonal trend analysis.


Conversations with industry leaders, and rice market authorities from around the world.


Outlook presentations by Milo Hamilton, Senior Economist at Firstgrain together  with other experts in the market.


The weekly newsletter is a road map that will keep the reader better informed and educated.


Alerts, published three times a week, are filled with up to the minute rice industry information.

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